Setting up Entourage

I have this script:

--check if the account has an email address using dscl

set userName to do shell script "whoami"
set fullName to do shell script "dscl localhost -read /Active\\ Directory/All\\ Domains/Users/$USER displayName | sed 's/displayName: //' "
set eMailAddress to do shell script "dscl localhost -read /Active\\ Directory/All\\ Domains/Users/$USER EMailAddress | sed 's/EMailAddress: //' "

--now test if there actually is an email account to set up, and continue if there is

if userName ≠ "EmailAddress: " then
	tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
		make new Exchange account with properties {name:"Exchange", free busy server:"", DAV requires SSL:true, Exchange server:"", LDAP server:"", LDAP requires authentication:false, LDAP requires SSL:false, email address:eMailAddress, domain:"AD", full name:fullName, Exchange ID:userName}
	end tell
end if

to set up Entourage for the first time someone logs in with their AD account on their workstation. The script runs wonderfully, and creates the account, however the account won’t connect to the server! Everything looks exactly as if I had set it up manually, but it only works if I do in fact set it up manually.

Any one have thoughts on this?