Setting what a HUB window displays in the new Interface Builder

I have an applescript app that I want to be able to display a HUD window (the new, semi transparent one) in the new version of IB for leopard. I know how to make it show just by

show window "Alert"

but how can I use AppleScript to change the text in it? I need to change the text cuz there is a number I want to show in the alert that depends on a variable in my main script.

Model: iMac G5
AppleScript: Newwest
Browser: Newest
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

Hi Macman,

an ordinary HUD Window with a text field? Then everything works as it always did:

set contents of (text field “TextField” of window “Alert”) to “my text”

Just a guess: might it be that you accidentally named the window’s content view ‘Alert’ instead of the window itself? Accessing the content view is possible since Interface Builder 3.0 … Click on the title bar or on the window’s icon to name the window (Inspector title: ‘Panel’) - clicking on the content area selects the content view (Inspector title: ‘View’)