SetTitle on HUD Panel


I want to set string value of the title of a HUD Panel at runtime, however I don´t understand how. In the reference for NSWindow Class there is a setTitle method, however this is not available the NSPanel’s reference which is the class of the HUD Panel (or at least I think it is).
I guess NSPanel is a subclass of NSWindow so somehow I´m supposed to call the setTitle method… right?

My very simple test so far is a property which I connected to the HUD Panel in IB.

property appWindow : missing value

and then a simple try to call setTitle method

on awakeFromNib()
    appWindow's setTitle("Elmo Rules")
end awakeFromNib

but of course this does not work. The error I get is

[NSPanel setTitle]: unrecognized selector sent to instance
[MyTestAppDelegate awakeFromNib]: -[NSPanel setTitle]: unrecognized selector sent to instance (error -10000)

What am I failing to understand here? Any help or clues would be great! Cheers!

That should be:

appWindow's setTitle_("Elmo Rules")

You have to replace colons with underscores, not omit them.

The embarresing process i’'m currenty are going trough is called “learning” :wink: Thanks man!