setToolTip for an image cell in a table view based on image itself

I’ve seen similar topics on this but they all seem to lead to a dead end. So I figure I would ask directly.

Is it possible to set a custom tooltip for an image cell in a table view with AppleScriptObjcC? Specifically I have a table view with images that are either green, yellow or red depending on whether an action was successful or not and I would like to set the tooltip to be a string of text to explain what the color means and offer suggestion in the event of an error.

Any ideas how this can be done?



you can set custom tooltips in a table view by implementing the NSTableView delegate method

I’ve seen that code before but don’t know how to coerce the rect or mouseLocation.

usually you don’t need the rect and mouseLocation information.
The method is called periodically when you move your mouse over the table view.

Identify the proper cell with the cell/row/column parameter and return the respective tooltip string