SETUP : Regular Expressions - Easy Setup for RegexKitLite

I’ve been using RegexKitLite for regular expressions for a little while, and the other day when I went to add it to another project, I had forgotten about the project setup. I was getting debugging errors, and finally remembered that I had to add -licucore to the other linker flags.

I decided to make a few screen captures (10) that make it really easy to see the small change that needs to be made to each project that uses regular expressions.

It is really simple and makes coding much easier than by using some of the Cocoa methods for similar tasks.

It is listed under :

RegexKitLite Quick Setup

I also updated :

Cocoa, Xcode, Objective C - Useful Resources…

I added a couple of really neat tools that make life much easier.

Hope some of this is helpful.

Best Regards,

Bill Hernandez
Plano, Texas