Shapeshifter preference pane: System Events question

Hey all-
First of all, I’m inexperienced with AS, but am experienced in Java. So far, I’ve found AS’s ease of use a little difficult to decifer.

With that said, I’ve been wanting to write a script to randomly change themes in the Shapeshifter preference pane. The preference pane is not scriptable as I understand it so I have to use System Events. I have UI Element Inspector helping my out, which is pretty cool. With it so far I’ve been able to launch Sys Prefs, select Shapeshifter Pane, then select the Apply tab. The problem is that UI Element Inspector doesn’t show information on the main list on the left hand side of the pane. If someone has SS, I’d really appreciate you taking a quick look. Any thoughts on how to get System Events to act nicely?