Shareware Applescript released - import to Aperture from iView

I have just posted on my website a shareware Applescript for importing items from an iView MediaPro (v3) catalog to an Aperture project. (EXTRAS page) (Resources page)

This script by comparison with the excellent “Annoture” script written by Adam Tow ( does not have the pretty java interface. Unlike Annoture my script performs a 100% metadata transfer on import including IPTC Core fields supported by iView and Adobe CS2–mapping these fields to Aperture custom fields: Contact Info (8 fields), Rights Usage Terms, Scene Codes.

My script will also transfer RATINGS which iView shares with CS2 apps to Aperture.

There is a workaround which will also make it possible to quickly recreate iView’s CATALOG SETS in Aperture. Download my set of scripts for iView and run the Catalog sets to Keywords script to place iView catalog sets into keywords prior to importing.

I will post other scripts to this forum as I make them available. I will have a reverse export script to go from Aperture to iView in a week. This will solve to nagging problems that I see repeated often on the Apertures forums:

  1. Embedding metadata into RAW files
  2. Opening files in an External editor which are not in the Adobe 1998 RGB space
  3. Providing full metadata and color space round trip editing from Aperture to any other program

I am interested in starting a .Mac (or Yahoo) group with other scripters to create shared script libraries and finished apps or automator actions. I will gladly provide my libraries to anyone who wants them and will ultimately (after you all help me squash the bugs) post them online for download.