Shell Script Error from iTunes Script Menu

I have a script that runs a command line program via a shell command:

tell application "iTunes"
	set sel to a reference to selection
	set file_name to (get location of sel) -- file path
	set movie_name to (get name of sel) -- file name
	set path_name to POSIX path of file_name
	set path_name to " -source " & (quoted form of path_name) & " -listmetadata" -- arguments for command line
	set exported_metadata to do shell script "usr/local/bin/sublerCLI" & path_name
end tell

It used to run just fine from the iTunes scripts menu (when placed in ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts). Now I get an error message if I try to run it there:

And yet the script still works when run from Script Editor. What went wrong?

Answer: Sandboxing


  1. Go to usr/local/bin in Finder
  2. Command-click click on program in question
  3. Choose “Open” from contextual menu
  4. Choose “Open” from dialog box.