shell script path

I"m trying to construct a path to my files with this command

(do shell script ("/Users/username/Music/Audio Hijack/paparimage/pageimages/; curl -O " & quoted form of imgLink))

to no avail. No matter how I change the path my files always end up in the root directory of my hard drive.
Is it a problem with the spaces or something else? I have tried underscore and other places which don’t involve the spaces and still into root directory.


in the command line spaces in paths must be escaped (with backslash) or the whole path must be quoted.
And you should specify the destination directory with cd
try this:

set dest to POSIX path of ((path to music folder as Unicode text) & "Audio Hijack:paparimage:pageimages:")
do shell script ("cd " & quoted form of dest & " ; curl -O " & quoted form of imgLink)