shell script vs tell application "Terminal" problem

I have a strange problem, I want to launch opera in kiosk mode and hide the mouse at startup, this can be done by running /Applications/ -kioskmode, and using xtools command hide mouse.

So I created this script for the login items…

do shell script "/Applications/ -kioskmode"

hide mouse

I save it as an application, but it never gets to the hide mouse command and the script stays open forever,

So I tried this and it works well…

tell application "Terminal"
	do script "/Applications/ -kioskmode"
end tell

hide mouse

…but is super ugly (because it launches terminal, and terminal stays open)

Am I missing something to get this to run properly as a shell script?

The script is waiting for do shell script to finish, which would only happen once Opera is “finished”.

Try something like this:

-- Redirect stdout and stderr, and run process in the background
do shell script "/Applications/ -kioskmode &> /dev/null &"