(Should be) simple Omnigraffle script

I am trying to update the colour of each object of a certain shape, depending on the value of the number that is in an object grouped with it. There are a hundred such numbers, and I have to manually update each color each month, so a script for it would be most useful!

If anyone would be interested in helping, it should be relatively easy… I am just inexperienced. Reply here or PM me, and I will send the graffle I am updating. Here is a PDF version of it: http://hockey.dobbersports.com/Top-100-Roto/top-100-roto-april-2014

If possible, another useful thing would be to update the colors of each row depending on the value of one of the objects in that row (always the total score). Where each color-block would start or end each month would be different each month, so the script should take the start/end numbers as input. That is not as necessary, so no pressure to actually do that.

Thanks in advanced for any help!