Show and Hide Tool Tips?


I have added tool tips,for a lot of elements in my app. by IB.
But after a while a user might them turn off. Is there a way to toggle tool tips (e.g. in a menu item) via the script? I have nothing found in ASS. Maybe there is a solution by ‘call method’? Has anyone an idea?


  • I’m not getting it.

You want to add an option in your preference panel so the user can turn off tool tips or something like that ?

Either use tool tips in your app, or just come up with a solid help file. One or the other…

That way, if you dont want the user doesnt want to see tool tips everywhere (which can be annoying, I admit), then he can resort to the help file, you know ?

Hallo BSOD,

thank you for your answere.

You understand me right. Exactly that’s what I would like to implement into my app: to turn off and on the tool tips in the menu bar. And that must be possible (some professional apps show that is possible!). But it seems to me a very complicated thing in C-programming. I hoped I got help in this forum, it is a pity.

Thanks again


I’m sure tooltips are configurable, but it may not be that easy. I personally don’t know how to do it in applescript.

Check out this link

But be patient, you won’t get an answer in a couple of hours. If someone here knows, they will surely help you :wink:

Hallo BSOD,

the link you have posted is top !!
Here I got the solution ! :lol:

Thank you very much again


You could set tooltip of each item to nothing “”, or to reenable, set the tooltip back to what its supposed to be. It might be sort of tedious, re-entering all of the tips as vars/properties at the beginning of the script. But it’ll work.

set tooltip of text field "mytext" of window 1 to ""
set tooltip of text field "mytext" of window 1 to "type your data here"

I’m getting errors about a reference for the code above:

I had a code like this:

set string value of text field "descLabel1" of window "mainWindow" to "blahblahblah"

And it works without a problems.
I just added this line:

set tooltip of text field "descLabel1" of window "mainWindow" to "blahblahblah"

(“blahblahblah” is real text, not substitute :slight_smile: )

Could you tell me what’s wrong? Because 1. causes no errors.



there is a misspelling in the code text. It has to be

set tool tip of text field "mytext" of window 1 to "type your data here"

(‘tool tip’ and not ‘tooltip’)


Thank you! It helped.