Show dialog while document stays active

Is it possible to let AppleScript show a dialog which stays on the foreground while the Quark document on the background stays active?

I have a script which shows a dialog which asks you to select a picture box for the item shown in the dialog.
You have to press “OK” to be able to select a picture box, because when the dialog shows up all other applications are set to unactive. But I want the dialog box to stay on screen untill I have selected a picture box

how can I do this?


The catch to dialog’s is that the POINT to using them is to steal focus from other windows. There’s really no way in plain AS to have a dialog appear, and then stay on top while you do things in other windows. If you go to select something in another window, you have no mechanism for making sure that your dialog doesn’t surrender it’s key and main status’ to the other window… which will make it drop at least 1 level in the front-to-back order of all windows. Consider moving on to applescript studio, where you have manual control over the level of windows.

Most applications support the display dialog command, so you don’t necessarily have to use the dialog within the context of the script. Just tell the application that you’re targeting to do the displaying…

tell application "Quark"
	display dialog "Test"
end tell

But… using the code above you’re stuck in the dialog window until you click ok or cancel… which I don’t think is what you want. :cry: