Showing Item Info (view options in Finder) with applescript


I need to make a lot of folders with pictures in them have the same view options. I want to make 128x128 icons, and show the item info. I did the icon part, but I can not find out how to Show Item Info (so it shows the picture dimensions in blue).

Here’s the script I have so far, any help would be appreciated:

The item info property of a Finder window in icon view is not scriptable (well, not directly, you could use GUI scripting but it’s a bear). However, if you set the preference in the Finder, you can turn on the item info for all windows on a system. For more Finder window management, take a look at my shareware application Finder Window Manager.


That really sucks that its not scriptable. I know you could make that an option for all windows, but I just wanted to do this for certain windows (but there are a lot of them, so I thought I could do it via applescript). Oh well. Maybe in Tiger this will be possible.

I’ll take a look at that application, thanks for your help.