ShowOver Unrecognized selector send to instance?

Hey MacScripters,

I was wondering if the showOver command was removed in 10.8.x
i have a script tht used to work on OS X lion, but now i opened tried reproducing the code in 10.8 and everytime i get
this result:


i tried these ways to active the code, but none of them work…

tell panel to showOver_(mainWindow)

panel's showOver_(mainWindow)

Or is there a setting i need to switch in interface builder (i know the programs merged, but what else do i call it?)?
Over the last years i’ve had lots of problems with showing sheets over the main window. In AS it used to be tell window “x” to something attached to window “b” but AS was a long time ago…

How do i get a window to appear?

Thank you!

The showOver_ method is part of Myriad Helpers; it’s not an Apple method. It sounds like you need to add Myriad Helpers to your project.

Ah, so that’s why its not working…

Is there a way to do it without myriad helpers?

There is – it’s probably easier in 10.7 and later, although it still involves a fair bit of code. But why bother with all the effort?


So i downloaded myriad helpers, how do make xcode to add the files to all my future projects?

It can, in theory, be done – with considerable complexity – but you’re better off just adding it manually each time. It’s just a matter of dragging the files from the original project’s Project Navigator to the new one’s.