Shutdown ignoring opened or unsaved files

Hi everybody, been scripting for the last 10 years now and it seems I can’t figure out (don’t laugh please) how to make my computer shut down when some files are already open and unsaved. I use an Entourage rule to trigger the following script:

tell application “Finder”
shut down
end tell

the script below should work.

property bl_ls : {"loginwindow", "SystemUIServer", "System Events", "UniversalAccess", "Finder", "Dock"}

--collect running apps
tell application "System events"
	set quit_ls to name of every application process ¬
		whose file type is "APPL"
end tell

--quit applications
repeat with i in quit_ls
	set aProcess to  i as text
	if aProcess is not in bl_ls then
			quit application aProcess
		on error --force quit
				do shell script ("killall " & aProcess as text)
			end try
		end try
	end if
end repeat

--finally, shut down
tell application "System Events" to shut down