Sign on iChat as invisible

How can I sign on iChat, from the Finder, by going to the script menu and clicking a script called “sign on as invisible”?

I have someone’s script that won’t work, any sugestions?

tell application "iChat" to set status to invisible

Model: MacBook
Browser: Safari 525.26.12
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

sorry can’t really help, but how you have it, it is saying invisible is a variable.
So i’ve done the following:

tell application "iChat" to set status to "invisible"

But that just closes and opens iChat (each time i click run)
maybe that can help… i dunno… Because iChat doesn’t even have that in the options window of the status, I’m not quite sure it’s possible. Maybe it is :slight_smile:

No, his script compiles properly, “status” and “invisible” are both scripting commands not variables or values. Don’t know the proper terms, but they are both “blue” instead of “black.”

Maybe to be more precise, status is a property of the application (iChat Suite), and invisible is properly compiling as a valid Enumeration value from MyStatus. It is also “setable.” I love the ScriptDebugger dictionary viewer/browser. :wink:

I don’t have an iChat account so I can’t test beyond that, unfortunately. What I gather from the dictionary, it should work.

Try this:

tell application "iChat"
	delay 4
	set status to invisible
end tell