Signature with image and attachments in Mailscript

Hi all

I have a script that add the default signature to a mail I create in Apple Mail

set message signature of NewMail to defaultSig

Working great with a signature with or without a image.
But if I add a attachment it will remove the image of the signature

make new attachment with properties {file name:“Macintosh HD:Users:mvp:Desktop:TestMap:Diversen:pdf code.txt” as alias}

Same problem if I add :at after the last paragraph

Is there a solution for this problem ?


It’s weird cause I use different scripts with mail and I remember that I had this problem. There are 2 two different scripts that I use currently, one of them as the problem but not the other one. (i used almost the same codes for both!) I’ll try to figure out tomorrow what the problem and if I find the answer and solution I’ll post a reply.

That is great if you want to post it you make me a happy person

I have the same problem.
If I create a mail and add an attachment to it with an applescript, then choose to use a signature that contains an image, the image’s signature will be removed or at least moved randomly.
Sbriss or someone else may have a solution for it ?
Thanks !

Browser: Safari 534.57.4
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.7)