Significance of multiple dictionaries for the same scriptable app


As nearly everyone here no doubt knows, scriptable apps have more than one dictionary. I’ve looked through several of them and i can observe various small differences–enough to affect what i’m trying to do with my script–but i have found nothing on why there are multiple dictionaries nor which is the best choice for a given circumstance (or e.g., suggesting a default/vanilla option) on which of these to choose (either in general or for a particular app).

For instance, in my Editor which is LNG’s Script Debugger, OmniOutliner (it’s version 3, Pro, if that matters) shows five different dictionaries (e.g., Extended Text Suite, Omnifoundation Scripting, Omnioutliner Suite).

Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.



You’re talking about suites, Doug, not dictionaries. Suites are just a way of organizing things inside a dictionary. You don’t have to choose just one; All of the commands and properties listed in each suite are available.

See also: Suite Elements

OK, after reading your explanation and clicking through the link in your post, i’ve got it now.

(I’m new to AppleScript and new to Mac, but already i can tell that trying to digest/decipher my target apps’ object models will comprise the bulk of my scripting effort).

Thanks very much, Bruce.