Simple AS Studio App only works in the host user?

Hi , can anyone help.

I think i am missing something simple, but…

I’ve have written a simple Applescript Studio application. which I built in Xcode using the ‘Deployment’ setting.
The application works fine in the account it was created in, but will not work or even open in another account or on another computer.
I’m very new at AS studio and know nothing at all about Xcode except to follow a few tutorials.

Any help would be appreciated.


Error messages? Console messages? Crash log? Post some code?

Are you sure you’re building Release/Deployment?

Have you tried cleaning and rebuilding the target?

It’s crazy just how many random odd problems this can solve. Always a good first step.


I did a clean target then a re-build. It now works on another account, I will have to wait until monday to try it on my work mac, but i am quitetly confident.

Thanks alot