simple helloworld script from illustratorRefGuide not work

hello, I read the illustrator scripting guide from adobe, the very 1st “hello world” AS
(on page 37) does not even work:

– Send the following commands to Illustrator
tell application “Adobe Illustrator CS”
– Create a new document with the string “Hello World”
set docRef to make new document
set textRef to make new text frame item in docRef ¬
with properties {contents: “Hello World!”, position:{200, 200}}
end tell

any idea? i got “some data was the wrong type error” on make text frame line

I don’t have Illustrator, but that “text frame item” doesn’t sound right to me. Are you sure it isn’t just suppose to be “make new text frame in docRef”? If there is an object called “text frame item,” as in an “item of a text frame,” then I would expect that you would have to make the text frame first, and then make its contained item.

Arthur is correct:


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