Simple Lightroom script

I’m trying to creat an Applescript that will simply paste text into the keywords field of a selected Lightroom image.

So far I’ve completely failed to find a way to identify the active object in order to get or set its properties.

I’ve written extensive scripts for other apps, but have always used existing scripts as a guide. There seem to be no scripts for Lightroom to learn from, so I’m having to go from scratch in how to do that.

In trying to modify an item, I’m trying to get its properties so that I can see how I might change the keywords via paste.

Any suggestions on how to identify then act on the item in Lightroom would be most appreciated.

item‚n : A scriptable object.
class (type, r/o) : The class of the object.
properties (record) : All of the object’s properties.

Hi there,
When I start up Lightroom, and go to Script Debugger, I can’t see a dictionary for it?
I’m sure someone will correct me if i’m wrong, but it looks like it might not be scriptable.
I can get properties for the window etc but not a lot more.
You might have to try scripting the UI.

I did find a few bits after a Google search.

Don’t know if they’ll be of any use?