Simple question but I can't find the answer

I have the unfortunate predicament of working at a place with only PC’s. On several occasions things get slow and I’d like to play around with various applescript ideas. I’m pretty much an ignorant newbie when it comes to any sort of programming, so working to get the syntax right is always a big first step for me. Is there any sort of online or downloadable compiler or something that I can at least check the syntax of something I write on a PC?

I doubt it very much :confused:

The problem is that Applescript is defined in part by the applications that you’re scripting. Can you imagine Mac developers porting Applescript code for the PC version of Applescript when their application doesn’t run in Windows?

i think there are quite a few apps that are similar to Applescript for windows. VisualBasic might work.

No, there isn’t.

The best solution is a portable Mac :wink:

The problem is actually the missing compiler or rather the AppleScript.component

True, but that might be made available if not for the fact that you’d never see Windows Applescript libraries for Mac-only applications. :wink:

with the new laptop generation of apple and parallels desk. installed there must be no more problem to work contemporarely in two workspaces, or you’ve to learn Pyton, where is a cross-platform scripting language, because applescript is dedicated only to apple products and a growing rage of 3part products, where codes for Macintosh.
The python scripting is in constant development, and is used from within the Nasa too, look here: