Simple Question of creating a Rich Text content Email via Apple script

Hi Guys,

currently I’m trying to figure out a way to create mail but with Rich Text Content, but not very sure how to. The reason for making it Rich Text is cos I plan to bold the CONTENT words.

My script is as the following, and I’m not sure how can I enable rich text…:frowning:

tell application "Mail"
	set theDate to current date
	set sentDate to date string of theDate
	-- combining of variables. & is used to combine
	set subject_variable to "Subject" & sentDate	
	set content_variable to "CONTENT"	
	set theMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {visible:true, subject:subject_variable, content:content_variable}
	tell theMessage
		make new to recipient with properties {name:"send", address:""}
		set visible to true
		make new bcc recipient with properties {name:"Archive", address:""}
	end tell
end tell

Hi yyt,

I recommend to take a look at the «Crazy Message Text.scpt» script located in:

/Library/Scripts/Mail Scripts/Crazy Message Text.scpt

There you can learn how to use specific fonts (e.g. bold ones), font colors and sizes when creating an Apple Mail eMail message with AppleScript.

Hope that helps.

Best regards,