Simple scripting: batch-processing MSWord files


I’m new at posting, but have lurked for quite some months. I used to be able to follow and adapt Sal Soghoian’s scripts when they were published in X-ray magazine about 10 years ago, but I’ve been out of techie-dom since then and have let my knowledge base slip. Now, suddenly, I have an encyclopedia to edit, and I need some batch-processing assistance.

I have to copy the first line from each of about 2000 Word files into a new file (essentially I’m creating a contents list from the titles of around 2000 encyclopedia entries), and the prospect of doing it by hand is too tedious. I’m sure this could be Applescripted.

I’m not asking anyone to write it for me; but could someone please point me to an online tutorial that would explain the way to go about it?

Best wishes



You can use/adaptate this one:

To use it, save as application and drop onto its icon some test word files.

That’s brilliant, jj. Many thanks!