Simple Sintax Question - Newbie Please Help

I am trying t tell my computer to launch an application on the users hard drive. Here’s what I have:

on clicked theObject
tell application "Finder"
set disk_path to startup disk as string
end tell
launch application "disk_path:Library:Application Support:Folder :File" end clicked

how do I set up the application to set disk_path to the users Hard Drive name and use it in the line:

launch application "disk_path:Library:Application Support:Folder :File"

Thanks, Anthony

You have to concatenate it to the rest of the path with ‘&’.

tell app "Finder" set disk_path to startup disk as string end tell set file_path to (disk_path & "Library:Application Support:Folder :File")

Then, launch the app. But, there may be a problem about launching an application with the full path. Or was it with the ‘tell’? Anyway, the above script gives you the path.

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