simple sript assistance

I am new at this. I would like to write a script that will allow me to type an f key and choose a specific printer. Can anyone help me along?

I forgot to ask one further question - are you happy to use an OSAX? I hope so because the only answer I know of for your setup is - and it couldn’t be simpler - to use Jon’s Command – execute FKEY

You might want to investigate the “Use Printer” scripting addition. I’ve found it to be most helpful in doing what you describe.

It is also possible to do by scripting the Desktop Printer Manager (in the System Folder:Scripting Additions: folder), but I’ve found it sometimes has trouble depending on whether Laserwriter8 or AdobePS driver is being used, and it doesn’t work on printers that don’t use a Desktop Printer (such as some Fax driver). Use Printer works every time (so far).

Lynda - I’ve just realised that I’m more of an idiot than I already knew. After all that I’ve completely muddled up my ‘fkeys’ with my ‘FKEYS’. Forget what I said and try Kirk’s suggetsion. Sorry

Andreas…Top row of extended keyboard, OS 9.2.1 and AS 1.6. No I do not have QK and no it does not have to be a quick key. I want my users to be able to quickly change between about 6 different printers without haveing to go to the chooser every time. Thank you for our time…Lynda