Simulate pressing 'ALT-F2'

I’m trying to press ‘ALT-F2’ within a VirtualPC 6.0 session, but unfortunately this doesn’t work, the only thing happening is increasing the brightness of my TiBook!

So I thought, maybe an AppleScript might come in handy, but somehow it doesn’t do what it is expected to do! :frowning:

My script looks like:

on run {}
set the_vm to GetSelectedPC()
tell application “Virtual PC 6”
press key cap “F1” of keyboard of the_vm holding (right alt down)
end tell
end try
end run

Whenever trying to substitute ‘…holding (right…’ with ‘…holding (left…’ I always receive an error message (Expected ", " but found application constant or consideration)!

Any ideas? Where can I get informations as how to keycaps?