Simulating a mouse click


I’m developing a script to display a web-page containing an embedded movie playback control, and I want to periodically pause and un-pause the playback of the movie.
The movie playback control doesn’t appear to have any kind of keyboard control associated with, so the only way to pause and un-pause the playback is to actually do a left mouse click on the movie window (this is embedded in the web-page, not a control like a button) itself.

I know the location of the control in advance, so all I need to do is simulate someone clicking the mouse at that location on the screen.

Despite trying various ways to do this, and Googling for what seems like days, I haven’t found a solution that works.
Does anyone know, please, if it’s even possible to do this in AppleScript (do I need a specific version ?), and if so how to do it ? It’s driving me nuts !

Thanks in advance,

Model: Macbook Pro
AppleScript: 1.0
Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

Got an example of the page you are talking about?

I think I’ve got a way to do it now thanks !
Found an earlier post about using ExtraSuites :slight_smile: