Simultaneous Folder Actions Won't Work

I’m experiencing a problem with simultaneous folder actions that I have seen a few other people mention and was wondering if anyone has found a solution or workaround.

I have two folders with two different applescripts attached to them. Folder A has applescript A, and Folder B has applescript B. Each folder action works perfectly when triggered independently. However, if items are dropped into both Folder A and Folder B at the same time, only one applescript will work. The applescripts are attached to the folders via “Folder Actions Setup”.

Is there any workaround? Or solution? My feeling (from reading online) is that this is a bug in “Folder Actions Setup”.

Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

It sure seems that Apple made it so only one folder action script can execute at once. Pitiful. I hope that everyone who runs into this stupid limitation will submit a bug to Apple. The more noise it gets, the better chance we have of getting it fixed.

Guess I’m having a similar problem. I have a setup where if an image is placed in one folder a folder action, let’s call it “A”, processes it and saves to another folder. The destination folder also has a folder action attached to it, “B” which unfortunately won’t process when the file simply changes, so I have the first folder action, “A”, delete the file
before it writes it to the destination folder.

Seems like it should work since the file in the destination folder gets deleted and resaved…should trigger
the folder action but no go. I tried putting in delays but nothing works.

Maybe a better approach or work around to trigger if the file is updated?