Single file to multiple folders?

Hello there;

I would like to know if there is any script/droplet out there that lets me copy one file to multiple folders at once.

For instance, one has 200 folders and the same file needs to be copied to every single one of them. Copy/Paste or option-dropping 200 times would be too time-consuming.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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Seems to me that getting the list of 200 folders into your script might be just as mind numbing.


If all 200 folders are in the same folder, then something like this:

set main_folder to choose folder
set the_file to choose file
tell application “Finder”
set folder_list to (every folder of main_folder)
repeat with this_folder in folder_list
ignoring application responses
duplicate the_file to this_folder
end ignoring
end repeat
end tell

As Adam said, if the folders are in different locations, then you would need another method to create your list of folders.

Note that the above script has no error checking.


The folders are indeed under the same path.

Thanks very much for your help, kel. Much appreciated.

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Thanks, this script helped me greatly. I was dealing with over 1000 folders, so this was a big help.