Single page postscript file InDesign

I have tried the simple syntax as follows to produce a single page postscript file in InDesign. Can anyone see what is going wrong? 'Page 1 does not understand the print…" Also tried this script without reference to specific object, after setting print file of print preferences, but postscript file was not produced. Thank you.

tell application “InDesign 2.0.2”
tell document 1
set print file of print preferences to “” --tried this with ‘alias’ and ‘file’
print without displaying dialog – tried this specifying printer style and objects
end tell
end tell

Any information is appreciated. The script is much longer, but this is my main problem: I cannot get a file created trying many variations. Thank you for any help from people who have working scripts.

Thank you,

I’m using InDesign CS, but in looking at the InDesign Scripting Guide, there is a property under print preference to name a printer called “printer”. It’s a string that can read/write. Under the decription it says: Current printer. Either to file or a printer name. Can return: postrscript file or string."

I use a script to create single page EPSs of each page in an InDesign doc. The following is the basic direction I had to take to accomplish this. Hope it helps…

tell application "InDesign CS"
			set properties of EPS export preferences to {bleed bottom:0.0, bleed inside:0.0, bleed outside:0.0, bleed top:0.0, data format:binary, PostScript level:level 2, applied flattener preset:"[High Resolution]", ignore spread overrides:false, OPI image replacement:false, omit bitmaps:false, omit EPS:false, omit PDF:false, EPS color:CMYK, preview:TIFF preview, EPS spreads:false, font embedding:subset, image data:all image data, page range:1}
			export page item 1 of document 1 format EPS type to ((SaveTo as text) & ":" & ImageID & ".eps") without showing options
			close document 1
		end tell