Site Behaviour

Hi folks.

Can I not automatically subscribe to my new threads?

Also, why can’t I automatically sign in upon visiting the site? I have that checked but it doesn’t happen.


Hi daBee.

There’s a link for subscribing to a topic at the bottom of each of its pages, but I’ve never tried it to see if it works. I don’t think there’s a facility for subscribing automatically to one’s own threads.

You should be able to sign in automatically on visiting the site, though. I have no problem with that at all. It’s a cookie setting. But you’ll have to log in manually if you have cookies disabled or your browser’s in Private Browsing mode.

I see that box, but it’s also in the preferences. It’s selected in the preferences, so I’m confused as to why it would show up per new message, and also unchecked.

There’s also one there now, when I’ve already subscribed to this thread.

Strange oversight.


Hi daBee.

I see what you mean about preferences now. There’s an option in the “Privacy” section of your Profile to subscribe automatically to every topic in which you post. You currently have this checked. I’ve just set this in my own profile too and clicked the “Submit” button to see if I get any notifications myself when I post this message. (Edit: Nothing so far just over two hours later.)

Meanwhile, could you try unchecking this option, submitting, selecting it again, and resubmitting?

Are you still unable to log into the site automatically?

OK, preferences de-selected, and I’m posting here, without subscribing below.

I was automagically but then the session is guarded by a cookie, one of these:

July 6 - July 20 cookie 1
May 18 - July 5 cookie 2

Let me re-test the login.

OK, deleted cookies, and I had to manually log in again.

I think that feature “log in always” means extended cookies, but it doesn’t seem to go past two weeks. Other than that, it should be something to investigate regarding session expiry. Currently set to 14 days.


My own automatic log-in has never expired. Maybe it’s because I look in every day and the ticket gets renewed. I don’t know.

My front page viewing preferences do revert to the default exactly seven days after being set to my preference. I’ve simply written a script to reset them. :wink:

I’ve not been notified of your posts above, even though my site preferences are still set to subscribe automatically to topics in which I post. I’m noting all this and will pass it on to Mark (assuming he hasn’t read this topic already).

Just did a couple cookie tests.

Logged out, had a look at the cookies, two of them, both expire one year.

Logged in, postinfo cookie set for a year, and pun_cookie_ was two weeks, and pun_cookie__track expired immediately.

Ya if you return to the site within (either one year or two weeks, not sure, since mine isn’t working) the cookie expiry, you are considered still logged in to the same session.

OK. Here are the results of my own experiments with subscribing to MacScripter topics.

Firstly, I can find no mention anywhere on the site of what “subscribing” to a topic actually means! The assumption is that the system will inform you by e-mail every time the topic’s updated or there’ll be some kind of message displayed when you next log in.

The “Privacy” setting in one’s Profile to subscribe automatically to topics in which one posts has no effect. Certainly no e-mail notifications or flashing lights at log-in.

There’s a “Subscribe to this topic” link at the bottom of each topic page, clicking which takes you to an error page saying the link’s incorrect or outdated.

There’s also a “Subscribe to this topic” checkbox in each posting form. Checking this when you post causes the “Subscribe to this topic” link in the relevant topic page to be replaced with a note saying “You are currently subscribed to this topic” and an “Unsubscribe” link. However, there are still no notifcations when the topic’s subsequently updated and clicking the “Unsubscribe” link gets you the same error page as the “Subscribe” link that was there previously.

I’ll pass these details on to Mark, but whether or not he’ll be able to do anything immediately will depend on whether he can find the setting in the site software (a version of FluxBB that was customised for MacScripter by a contractor to the site’s previous owner) and can or decides to enable it.

That’s what I was thinking as well.

OK, well the multiple ‘subscribe’ options is confusing. I bet they have provided both for the scenario where a user doesn’t want to auto-subscribe to all posts, yet wants the option to subscribe to select posts. It the default is set to ‘subscribe’, then a new post should show this as checked pre-submission.

Also, in this reply, to a thread I’m already subscribed to, the “Subscribe to this topic” is below, unchecked. It’s hugely confusing. Will my subscription drop if I don’t check it? Not the case, but user experience is indeed important.

As for auto-login, it’s a single choice and should just bring me into the forum with no login page. Doesn’t work, might be a bug from the consultant.

Hi there Nigel. Just realized I’m not getting any notifications still. I subscribe to topics however no emails coming at me.