Size and Metadata as Save for Web Photoshop


Can someone confirm me that using export as save for web IS NOT possible to define the size in pixel of final JPEG file and also there is not possibility to remove all metadata like if I do this manually?


Hi. Export is a variant of save, and you can’t change pixel dimensions with that, but you can use resize. Based on memory, metadata should be removed from a web export.

Hi Marc,

Thanks for feedback.

Using the Save for Web panel (manually) you can define all including output size and metadata.
From script seems no. Size not and about metadata there is no trace.
Also resolution is wrong in output.
I restored all to previous “save as JPEG” removing all metadata with exiftool at the end of Photoshop.


There is often a difference in how you approach things programmatically with AS than manually in an app like PS that may systematically group discreet functions together, however, resizing then exporting is functionally identical to the manual method. If you compare file sizes, you should see that an exported save to web file is smaller than one that was directly saved”that’s from the metadata being tossed.