'size of file' wrong?!?

Hello there,

I have a PDF that Mac OS 9 tells me has a ‘size’ of 1399111 bytes and a ‘physical size’ of 1404928 bytes… however the file is really 1398573 bytes! I’ve confirmed this by doing an ‘ls -l’ on our file server. Now if I was running OS X then I could just break out into a shell script and use the same command (as discussed else where on the board), but my script has to run on OS 9… So what should I do?

Thanks for any help,


I think I’ve found the problem… and it was me!

The size I needed was just the data fork without the resource forks… which you can get using the BetterInfoFor scripting addition (and I think there maybe something to do it in Akua Sweets too)