Slide down "Results" table

Hi, I have a window with a “search box” and I’d like a table to slide downwards from the bottom of the window with “Results”; similar to “Quicksilver”,“Google Search Box” and “Alfred”.

Could I define a list of results and actions to happen for each one? Then when something is typed, say one letter, the list could maybe be filtered to everything beginning with “f” and the table could slide down. Once one item is clicked, something could happened, that I’ve defined.

I know this sounds very complicated and any help would be appreciated!

Would maybe CoreAnimation or something similar (Quartz?) let me do this slide down thing? I’ve never used Quartz or any of these CoreAnimation, CoreImage etc.

It’s either a menu or a custom window. But I doubt that you will be able to do it in ASObjC – stuff like the auto-completion relies on methods that use pointers to pointers. You’d be better off thinking about what you actually want to achieve first, rather than what it looks like – there may well be another way of providing the same thing.