slide show plan

Hello all_
I’m new to this forum, and applescript, and mac! I studied art and got a “graphic design” job that somehow transformed into a programming job. We work on pc’s.

Anyway, I decided to create a script to make an html slide show as my first project. I was hoping to get some feedback on the overall plan:

What I have so far is :
1 You’re asked to choose a directory of images.
2 I loop through the files in that dir and display them w/preview.
3 At each image you can either choose to skip that image, or add it, and add a comment.
4 For those images that are kept I make a thumbnail, then generate the html

That all works. I’m using photoshop to make the thumbnails, and bbedit to make the html. Overall it’s not much of a script though. I can’t pass in a path to the photoshop action… meaning, I can’t determine the destination folder for the slideshow (from the script). And looping through each image is somewhat tedious, but I’m not sure how else I could approach this.

Just looking for thoughts on how some more experienced applescripters might approach this project.

A second, unrelated question is: Is there something like AutoType for OSX ? Thanks!


You can create, too, the thumbnails using “Image Capture Scripting” (not very reliable), “Extra Suites” ( or GraphicConverter (

These three will let you know the final location for the thumbanils… (it also exists a command-line utility to manipulate images, but I can’t remember how-to find it)