Slightly OT -- Launching a script

Thank you all for the help that you’ve given me over the past few weeks. I hate to keep asking and asking, but someone might just know

I know with OS9, the Fkeys can be mapped to start a specific program. Does anyone know of any free programs (extensions, etc) that allow the Fkeys to be mapped in OS8?

Thank you. I have searched to no avail…


I have a MacPPC 6500 with OS 8.6 and use “Easy Keys 1.7” to map the Fkeys.
It is shareware and costs $20.00.
I searched “Google” and found Easy Keys 1.5 which probably would work just fine.
I found it at:
You can try using “1.5” and if you like it, email me “” and I will email “1.7” back to you for you to register.

Good Luck!


Hi :slight_smile:

You can download “Easy-keys” in 1.7 version at this adress : Easy-Key 1.7

Or, in the Osax “Jon’s Commands 2.1” you are the action “execute FKEY” with the argument as string or number, for exemple :

execute FKEY 3

Make a screet shoot in picture file at startup disk (same “command + shift + 3”).

bye :rolleyes: