Slow down when calling the Finder

Has anyone noticed thath when you’re calling the FInder in your script, there is a masive slow down when the “Finder” is executing what you asked him?

According to what I’ve read on other forums, it’s a common complaint that isn’t necessarily limited to AppleScript/Finder interaction. Many people feel that the Finder in OS X is a slug when compared to pre-OS X Finders.

One thing that might help: I’m pretty sure that some of the AppleScript commands that we direct to the Finder are passed on to the System Events app. It might be worth the time it takes to investigate and benchmark some of these common commands. For instance, I think the ‘process’ commands might fall into this category.

In my experience the OSX Finder handles those tasks very - almost unmeasurable - fast to (/ from) System Events.
That is to say: on a G4 (2*800 Mhz)
Compared with 9, Finder X is a slug when dealing a lot with windows.
For true Finder tasks, it may help to bring Finder to the front first, as OSX (in general) will dedicate more cycles to front applications.
However, this may have some impact of the GUI side of your scripts.