SMB share question......

Revising a script written for os9 to work in OSX and ran across a problem:

If I connect to my windows server using SMB, certain things won’t work: for example:

open folder “rootfolder:subfolder:subsubfolder”

error message: Finder got an error: Can’t get folder “rootfolder:subfolder:subsubfolder”

will work fine when connected via AFP, but not SMB. However, AS will read other files / paths, etc via SMB. Can the finder just not handle certian things over SMB, or am I missing something


If I coerce the path to a “finder path” like this:

open folder “subsubfolder” of folder “subfolder” of disk “rootfolder”

it opens OK when connected via SMB and AFP.

However, If the folder was created using OS9, the creation date is missing (It is viewable via OS9 and Win2000K). when connected via SMB. The Modification Date is available however!