Smiles GUI Builer

I’m haven a bit of trouble here. This is my first time using Smile’s gui builder. I’m writing an irc server bot in applescript that works by loading him in to ircle and uses ircles event handlers to monitor and react to what goes on. I’ve been using the buttons on ircles users window to gonfigure the bots options from, but I thought it would be better if I could have just one button on the users window that would bring up a dialog with all the bots gonfiguring options buttons in it. I’ve made the dialog. clicked edit dilaogs script which brought up a script window with two handlers in it. and . Now from there I pasted in the rest of the bots script and tied his options in to the handler then in the bots handler <if code = 120 <script button 20 in ircle> then prepare theDialog. But all i get is a Variable theDialog not defined error. Any body else out there toyed around with smile enough to have figured this out? As I’ve said this is my first time using the dialog builder and I just don’t know how to call the dialog? Please help if you can.


I don’t know about the ircle stuff, but theDialog is a reference to the container in Smile. Smile understands this reference. If you try to use this reference outside of Smile it wont work. Your script for the Smile dialog needs to distinguish what theDialog is and send something that your other application understands.