SMS to SL Bridge

Hi, I would like to script A bridge between SMS text messages and the virtual world of Second Life. How do I get and send the SMS parts?


Sms isn’t part of tcp/ip and therefore it’s not possible to send and receive messages from and to an tcp/ip network. But, like telecom providers, there are possibilities to send and receive messages between a computer and they’re not using the sms protocol but smpp. smpp gives you the ability to send a message over tcp/ip to an sms-server, this server will read the message and pass it to the cellular network and visa versa. But you’re not done yet, the only providers in smpp services to your home cost a lot of money. Those services are mostly used for bulk messaging like TV program’s to vote, download ringtones or payment.

OK, thanks for all the info, I was thinking of scraping Skype for the text an stuff like that. The Skype dictionary is kind of limited and I cannot see how to get at the text that way. Would GUI scripting help?