Snow Leopard and AppleScript issue

Hi, I am switching over to SnowLeopard, and have an custom application that works perfectly in Leopard. The only command it ever gets sent is “Open File”

tell application “Remove Bl”
open file “Macintosh HD:09-2553-4:JobData.xml”
end tell

error “Remove Bl got an error: Can’t make some data into the expected type.” number -1700 to item

I have also tried using the path /09-2553-4/JobData.xml to no avail.

Additionally, i have noticed this happening with other applications, such as QuarkXpress.

I have scoured the web, and am struggling…This is a mission critical tool, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

THanks Much



have you tried also string path

 open "Macintosh HD:09-2553-4:JobData.xml"

or alias

 open  ("Macintosh HD:09-2553-4:JobData.xml" as alias)

Thanks Stefan!!!

The second one was the ticket!

Appreciate the help!