Snow Leopard and the "deprecated" AppleScript Studio

I read about Snow Leopard and the “deprecated” AppleScript Studio.

At the moment I’m confused and shocked…
Seems that my last 6 years in ASS development should go in the trash…

My Snow Leopard package should arrive in few days so I’m unable to test the new world.

I would like to have some answers about some questions:

  1. What happen to app developed with AppleScript Studio under Leopard? They can run, once compiled in Leopard, in Snow Leopard?

  2. The new framework bridge will offer tons of new commands. Of course ASS users need to study Cocoa. But this impact on File System and OS X command only? Old commands that interact with Finder and Standard Additions are not longer available?
    What about normal scriptability with others apps like Photoshop, Finder…???

  3. In Snow Leopard in the new “ASS” environment, users can continue to use “AppleScript” terminology except for the “new” commands?

Steve H.

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Browser: Safari 531.9
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)


take a look at this thread and read also the release notes:

AppleScript Studio is deprecated, but still supported

I read previously the link but there is not answers to my questions…

  1. Yes, it will work under Snow Leopard.
  2. & 3) I don’t know…

You can make new AppleScript Studio project by using this template installer.
I ensured it.

Takaaki Naganoya

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