looks like they’ve taken AppleScript out of the basement and right into the front yard. if this thing is highly tweakable this could be seriously useful. what do you guys think? surprised not to see any talk of it here.


Man, you can say that again.

Yes, we are very excited about Automator. We hope to provide a convenient way for folks to download some cool actions in the near future, so please stay tuned. :wink:

Tweekable though? I dunno. Certainly you can move actions around anyway you wish, but that is all I know so far as ‘customization’ is concerned. It’s too early at this point to speculate, as Apple is notorious for slipping in features that we may not be aware of.

From what we can tell so far, Actions will not be pure Applescript [such as libraries for example] - they will be C++ developed, compiled code, … very similar to say, a Photoshop Action. In some ways, this may be a bummer to loyal Applescript enthusiasts for that reason alone.

On the other hand however, IMHO Automator will be huge. Despite the fact of how the Actions will be implemented, the overall concept will be great for both newbie and guru alike.

As soon as I can dig up more info, I’ll post again here. If anyone else has some good tidbits, please post’em.

Based on the keynote, and the fact that Sal did the Automator presentation, I suspect that AppleScript is involved. To what degree is another matter altogether. The actions/workflows that are generated can be run from the script menu too, which might be an indication of AppleScript’s role.

– Rob

Hello Rob,

I believe the distinction is the difference between applescripts and Automator “Actions”. From what I can assertain so far, Actions are compiled C++. Surely you would be able to save as Applescript, right?

I viewed the Keynote again, and it’s hard to tell if it allows you to save both Applescript and Actions. [shrug]

Apple just has everyone guessing … :shock:

yeah, that’s my exact concern. i’m worried that “saving” one of these workflows will result in a little proprietary file with a robot icon that can only be run or opened by Automator. still a neat app but man, it would be about 1000 times more useful (for us) if we could see that code. ooh, and seeing the C++ would be nice too. :slight_smile: