Some Elementary Questions About «class ktxt»

Hello scripting experts, self-taught scripter here with some elementary questions about «class ktxt»

I recently came across «class ktxt» and did a bit of research. From what I can find I’ve only seen one application:

set the clipboard to «class ktxt» of ((the clipboard as text) as record)

One person from a forum explained it very thoroughly

Since that thread is far too dated (2004), I decide to turn my questions here.

First, how do you even type “«” and “»”? Because it’s certainly not just doubling “<” or “>” lol

Second, outside for the example given above, are there other use of it?

Finally, just out of curiosity, no need to really answer it. I can’t even seem to find «class ktxt» on Apple’s official scripting documents. Why is it written in such strange format with the <</>> and how come this is the only thing written with this format?

Thank you all for your time!

«class ktxt» is essentially obsolete – it was used in the days before Unicode support was ubiquitous.

All classes appear using « and » in raw form, and how you enter those characters depends on your keyboard/language. On a standard US keyboard using English they are option-| and option-shift-|.

WOW, thanks for that. See this is something I’ll never find by Googling on my own. I’m glad there are so many experts online. Thank you!