Some elements of my interface don't work below 10.3

some of the elements of my interface are incompatible with OS systems below 10.3.

how do i handle this?

can i copy my interface, and have one version show up for 10.3 and another show up for 10.2?

Hi “petey” :slight_smile:
Here one suggestion (no tested) :

property MyNib : missing value

on will finish launching theObject --Connected with the application class
	tell application "Finder" to set Ver to version
	if Ver contains "10.3" then
		set MyNib to "MyNibFor3"
		set MyNib to "MyNibFor2"
	end if
end will finish launching

on awake from nib theObject --Connected with the application class
	load nib MyNib
end awake from nib