Some Tutorials...

Over the past couple of weeks I wrote a couple of tutorials about using

Interface Builder, Xcode, Objective C, and a little Hot Cocoa…

( 1 ) Interface Builder Outlets and Actions - Using Interface Builder to automatically write the Class Files for your Xcode and Objective C Project…
( 2 ) Xcode + Interface Builder = Calculator - A Few Concepts - Using Interface Builder, Xcode and Objective C…

Over the past month, I also created the following :

XCode AppleScriptObjC

( 1 ) Temperature Converter (a follow up, with expanded screen captures)
( 2 ) Xcode & Interface Builder Windows & Palettes
( 3 ) Table View - User Template

if anybody is interested they are on my new website, and the projects are included with them.

I’m not sure they are of any use, but they are there…

Bill Hernandez
Plano, Texas

Thanks Bill. Looks like they will come in handy. Impressive work to come out of Plano.

Thanks Bill

Your tutorials have been beneficial to me.