Something weird!!

I have come across something very weird and I thought I should post here for others to know or may be receive some feedback on it.

I know applescript does not go well with firefox.

There was a menu item “Manager.” in the Tools menu which was created by DownThemAll plugin.
I was trying to use UI scripting to click it.
First, while writing the applescript, I typed in “…” by pressing Option+;
It did not work.
Then, I pressed … (i.e. the " . " key thrice) and it worked.

There is also a item Keyconfig. in the Tools menu.
For Keyconfig. pressing Option+; works and pressing " . " key thrice does not work.

Three period marks, or dots, is three characters. The three dots mark is also known as a horizontal ellipsis, depending on context, which can be a single character.

In my literature class I learned that trailing a sentence with three dots indicates a pause followed by a continuation of the sentence or thought, whereas trailing a sentence with four dots ends the sentence - an ellipsis followed by a period mark. Different marks are used in mathematics and different cultures to achieve the same intent.

Seems that DownThemAll did not use an ellipsis character for their menu item name, “Manager…”, whereas whoever built the UI for, “Keyconfig.” did. Scripting the UI menus by name will require that you use the same characters that the menu UI uses.

I was basically concerned with the annoyance in not being able to recognise them as separate since they look same.