Sort and upload to share

I am creating a drop folder to send files to an smb shared directory based on the first 2 numbers of their name. This is just the piece that’s going wrong.

set server_drop to ("volumes/server/share/" & (text 1 thru 2 of (get name of this_item)) & "000s/")
						do shell script ("mv " & "/dropletoutput/jumpoff/" & (get name of this_item) & "  " & server_drop)

Why isn’t this working?


two suggestions:

¢ a POSIX path starts with a slash (“/Volumes/server/share.”)
¢ the script will fail, if there are space characters in the path, therefore the paths must be quoted

 do shell script ("mv " & quoted form of ("/dropletoutput/jumpoff/" & (get name of this_item)) & " " & quoted form of server_drop)